A New Beginning


Karla Abreu is a very famous actress and singer, but feels that her career is stagnant and wants a change in her life. She tells her manager, Miriam, that she wants a leave of absence after one last concert. Miriam is concerned that Karla will find out that, for years, she has been embezzling her fortune and will soon stop being her gold mine.

As part of the plan to continue exploiting Karla’s image, Miriam and her lover Fernando decide to kill Karla after this last gig, which will be in a town called Zacatillo, a quaint little town full of colorful people all whom share some very interesting stories. There, Karla meets Gabriel, the town’s doctor and owner of the trout nursery. They both feel strongly attracted to each other, but she learns that Gabriel is engaged to Adriana.

Karla decides it’s time to go home and Miriam suggests that she take a day of leisure and go sailing. Her plan is to have Meliton, her faithful henchman, make Karla disappear. Meliton and his girlfriend, Laura, try to push her out of the boat, but beforehand, Laura steals one of Karla’s rings. They are so clumsy that it is they who end up in the water where they are attacked by sharks. Karla is left adrift at sea. The coastguard finds a hand wearing Karla’s ring. Miriam identifies the jewel and Karla is declared dead.

Right away, Miriam and Fernando start to take advantage of Karla’s death with a new record of her greatest hits and a movie about her life. But Karla survived and finds out that it was Miriam who planned her murder. To conceal her identity, she takes on a new image and a new name, Sara Villegas, and decides go back to Zacatillo.

Abundio, the mayor of Zacatillo and Gabriel’s uncle, gives Karla a job as Gabriel’s assistant in the town’s charity clinic. Gabriel does not realize that she is Karla, and again feels incredibly attracted to her. No one in town recognizes her, and she soon earns their friendship. Karla discovers a side of Gabriel that convinces her he is the man she had been waiting for: unassuming and kind hearted, and a protector of endangered species.

Miriam takes advantage of her acquaintance with Zorayda, an ex-show girl who is married to Abundio, to film the scenes of Karla and Gabriel’s romance in Zacatillo. When she hears of this, Karla is afraid that, if Miriam recognizes her, she will try to kill her again.

This is only the first of many riveting stories you will find in “A New Beginning.”



130 x 60'



Producer: Lucero Suárez Sitges - Associate Producer: Ángel Villaverde Bolaños - Original Story: Pedro Pablo Quintanilla - Year: 2010

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