Angela, a naive nurse and medical student in a remote village, is seduced by Álvaro, an ambitious young man. He marries her and then leaves her in order to go back to the city and trickily remarry Samantha Vega by convenience, his boss's daughter. Angela goes out to find him, discovers the deception, and they get divorced. Angela meets Leonardo, a young doctor who falls in love with her and becomes her protector. He guides her to retake medicine at an exclusive university where she must get a scholarship to continue her studies. Angela is enrolled in an escort business from which she can barely escape. She goes to work as a nurse in Leonardo's house, with whom she falls in love, but with whom she has no chance to enjoy a peaceful relationship because her classist mother opposes her. Angela finds out that she is pregnant with Álvaro's child and must overcome many obstacles in order to raise her son and pursue her career. She manages to work for a while at the Central Vega Hospital where she displays her talent and vocation. Ángela tries to build a hospital in her small town, while overcoming several difficulties to achieve it. Álvaro will attempt to get Ángela's forgiveness, but he will have to compete against Leonardo. Ángela will be torn between the passion of her first love and her hopes for a new life with Leonardo.



92 x 60'


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