Friends since childhood, Omar, Abel, and Lucio love each other as brothers even though they are very different. Omar’s talent and good luck cause the envy of Lucio, who hates always losing in front of his friend and holds a deep desire to take it out on him. Abel, on the other hand, always takes the easy way and supports the one that is more convenient to him. When Sara moves to the neighborhood, Omar falls madly in love with her. However, she is a swindler controlled by her father, a despicable man who manipulates her to take advantage from Omar and then carry out a robbery in a casino. When Lucio finds this out, he decides to help them and gets Abel to join them. Lucio plays the brain, Abel the executor, and Sara the bait in this treason against Omar.

The plan succeeds and Omar ends in prison after Sara testifies against him. He is condemned to a life sentence in jail where his frustration and desire for revenge grow stronger day by day.

In jail, Omar meets Fidel, an intelligent and powerful mobster who becomes his mentor. An intentional fire started in prison allows Fidel to convince everyone that Omar is dead and offers him a choice to take revenge on those who betrayed him: change his face and identity, turning into a man with an unlimited desire for revenge.

This is how Omar returns to recover his life, transformed into Yago, a millionaire Spanish businessman who shows up in front of Abel, Lucio, and Sara to make them pay for what they did to him in the past. 



65 x 60'

Intense Melodrama


Original story by: Ay Yapim, Karem Deren and Pinar Bulut - Co-Adaptation: Larissa Andrade, Fernanda Eguiarte, Alejandra Olvera, Tania Tinajero and Julio César Marmol - Literary Edition: Gabriela Rodríguez


Executive producer: Carmen Armendáriz - Year: 2016

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