Wild Heart (Season 4)


Recorded on location in the beautiful natural settings of provincial Mexico, Wild Heart will thrill the audience with the power and the burning passion of an unforgettable romance.

A story that begins with Maria del Rosario and Juan de Dios, who are deeply in love but who are separated by social differences. She is a distinguished young lady of the Veracruz high society, while he is a humble fisherman. Rodrigo, one of the city’s most powerful men, becomes furious when he learns of their love and their plans to be married. He sends Juan de Dios to prison and with the aid of Leonarda, Maria del Rosario’s sister, imprisons the girl in his hacienda, where she gives birth to her lover’s son. Juan de Dios breaks out of jail and, pursued by Rodrigo, he falls off a cliff and into the sea. Leonarda gets rid of the baby and locks up her sister in the basement of the old house, telling Rodrigo that she is dead. Rodrigo falls into despair and, ignoring Leonarda’s protestations of love, leaves for Europe, from where he returns married to Constanza.  Leonarda marries Noel, the family notary, and has a son called Renato.

Juan de Dios survives the fall and discovers that his son was found in the mountains by Remigio and adopted by this peasant’s mother, Aurora, who has given him the name written in a note that was hidden in his blankets: Juan de Dios (Juan of God). Years later, when the fisherman is deathly ill, he seeks out his son, tells him his story and asks him to punish Rodrigo. The young man vows to take revenge before his father’s grave, and changes his name to Juan del Diablo (Juan of the Devil). Nonetheless, when he meets Rodrigo’s daughters, Aimee and Regina, he is overwhelmed by an incontrollable passion for Aimee.

Regina loves Renato, but when he falls in love with Aimee, Regina decides to enter a convent. Aimee married Renato but continues her affair with Juan. When she is about to elope with him and Renato discovers them, Regina tries to protect her claiming that she is the one who was going to run away with Juan. Renato forces them to get married and Juan agrees because he has decided to make Regina pay for what Rodrigo did to his parents. However, as they get to know each other, they will realize they were born for each other, and their love will be stronger than hatred or revenge, a love as deep and indomitable as the sea.



135 x 60'


Original Story by: Caridad Bravo Adams, Olga Ruilópez - Original Versión by: Liliana Abud - Adapted by: Ricardo Fiallega - Literary Editor: Dolores Ortega - Year: 2009

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