Central Market (Series 1)


The Central Market is the setting for the love story of Fabian and Jimena, two teenagers who must keep their romance a secret and meet behind her father’s back. Pedro is a tyrant who absolutely opposes their relationship.
Woven into the plot is the tender autumn love story of Beto, Fabian’s grandfather, and Lupita, a kind old lady who sells candy and religious objects. The wisdom of experience, the aches and pains of old age, the love for their families and the reminiscences of their youth add a poignant touch to the platonic romance of these two elder characters that will steal our hearts.
Güera (Blondie) is a diamond in the rough. She is a strong woman, both physically and in her character. She owns a tire-repair shop near the market and she seems to be insensitive and rude, but nonetheless she has won the heart of Miguel, an architect from a rich family who loves her in spite of their huge differences. Miguel’s greatest source of pain is his mother, whom everyone calls “La Marquesa” (the Marchioness). She lost her mind when her husband died and spends her days roaming aimlessly around the market with her dog and a couple of old dolls. Miguel and Güera’s enemies are his ex fiancée Antonella, who will not allow him to be happy, and the market loan shark, Victor, who is the villain in the series.
Victor is a cruel, cunning man. His greed is boundless and he will stop at nothing to have his way. In addition to money lending, he has several illegal activities, and one way or another, all of our characters will have to deal with him.

Es the plot unfolds, we will become immersed in the stories of over 25 characters, among which we will find: Toño, Fabian’s father; Isabel, who loves Toño in spite of his chronic infidelity; Juan Carlos, a police officer trying to steer his delinquent brother away from crime; Paco, Güera’s colorful assistant who is always getting into trouble; Soledad, Güera’s young daughter; and many, many more.
In each episode our characters will deal with a new problem, and we will learn more about their past, their fears, their dreams and their intriguing secrets. We will be caught up in their fascinating stories and we will not want to miss a single episode of “Central Market.”




120 x 60'



Director: Alejandro Salas - Original Idea and Executive Producer: Adela Rebollo Hernandez, Armando Ramirez Rodriguez, Federico Guillermo Wilkins Perez, Ricardo Gabriel Fiallega Zavala - Year: 2008

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