Beautiful Love


It is a love story like there is no other, which not only encompasses the most endearing Mexican traditions, but also ennobles one of the most representative icons from our culture: mariachi music. The story begins when we meet Santos Martinez de la Garza, a young handsome and carefree millionaire, who owns a car distributor company. Santos is deceived by his closest partners; one of them is Bruno, his friend and his sister´s boyfriend, Wendy. After being accused of fraud and money laundering, Santos is compelled to escape from Los Angeles to Mexico, like a fugitive. This situation forces him to get a new personality: Jorge Alfredo Vargas, Mariachi.

At the same time, we meet Maria Mendoza, a humble, pretty and brave young girl who lives with her mother, Amalia, a widow; and her two younger sisters, Paloma, who is about to turn 15, and Isabel 8 years old. Ever since Pedro her father died, Maria has had to work in order to help her family get ahead in life because Amalia suffers from a degenerative disease, so Maria is the only support her family has.

Santos and Maria meet at the “Ay Jalisco, no te rajes, bar”, where Maria works as a ranchero music singer. It is there in the bar where they both find love for the first time. And it is also in the “Ay Jalisco, no te rajes”, run by Don Concho and his wife Lourdes, where the sweetest, saddest, most touching, comic and dramatic situations of the story will take place, together with Maria´s inseparable friends who are members of the bar´s mariachi band: “The Giant”, Fernando: “The Casanova”, who will turn into Santos´ confident and allied, “The Dreamer”, “Susanito”, “The Baritone”, “The Adventurer “ and “The Sparrow Hawk”. 

But there will be lots of tunes, chords, and conflicting forces within Santos and Maria’s love story. Santos will face Ruben del Olmo, a powerful and cheating business man who is married but obsessed with Maria´s love; and “The Giant”, Maria´s eternal pretender, who will always fight for her against Santos until the rivalry between them becomes a friendship. On the other hand, Maria will deal with Elvira´s lies and tricks, Don Concho´s daughter, who by whim and at any cost will not rest until she can have Santos.  

And of course, the saddest of all songs: Santos´ identity uncovered, the jail and the separation from his one and only love: Maria, his beautiful. A story full of ranchero music, mariachis, tequila, color, but most of all, full of hopes and dreams that will make us all sing: “¡Beautiful Love!”



162 x 60'


Year: 2012

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