The neon lights blow up in the most exciting battle on television.


20 athletic and outgoing participants willing to do anything, will use their physical ability and mental skill to overcome fun challenges that will make them show their true nature and personality, while being judged by the relentless COURT, that will fill the spectacular battlefield with suspense and tension where every night our WARRIORS face each other live to win a weekly cash prize that will be doubled in support of communities affected by the COVID pandemic19.


Men and women will join forces and form mixed teams of 10 members each: COBRAS and LEONES, commanded by Macky Gonzalez and Memo Corral respectively. Each night they will face live challenges, turning this competition into the new classic of Mexican television.


Mauricio Barcelata and Tania Rincón will be the hosts of this fun show, always calling for the good judgment of THE COURT and for the rules to be respected.


A TV show full of controversy surrounded by music, dance and fun that has succeeded in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Puerto Rico.



46 x 120'

Reality de competencia

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