Walking Up With You


Destiny brings two youngsters together in the middle of a flower show whose love story begins as soon as they meet. Maia and Pablo come from different social classes: Maia is Othón’s daughter, one of the most important entrepreneurs in the flower growing industry, while Pablo belongs to the bodyguard squad escorting Antonia, Othón’s biggest opponent… two people holding a lot of grudge.

Antonia and Othón met at a young age and they don’t miss any chance to hurt each other, so when the confusing encounter between Maia and Pablo takes place, Antonia uses that ‘holy gift’ to fool the girl by telling her Pablo is one of the most important flower-growers in the country... a lie that is not intended to hurt Maia, to whom is irrelevant whether Pablo has money or not, but Othón instead, a nouveau riche with no class who wants his daughter to marry a wealthy man and would be overly devastated to hear she is in love with a poor man.

Not only is Maia and Pablo’s love doomed by the mess around their first encounter, but also by their mutual former couples: Cindy and Federico. Cindy has been Pablo’s girlfriend for many years (she calls him by his second name: Herminio) and she is determined to keep him next to her despite he is not willing to anymore. Federico, on the other hand, pretends to be a rich boy who is with Maia out of interest and wants to marry her benefiting from the support Othón gives him (he believes Federico is a millionaire). Both will do anything to prevent that some “stuck-up girl” and a “nobody” steal from them what they consider to be theirs.

Rage, spitefulness, and jealousy are the topping of this love story that comes up in the most unexpected place and puts Maia and Pablo’s ingenuity and determination to the test.



122 x 60'



Executive Producer: Pedro Damián - Associate Producer: Luis Luisillo M. - Original by: Juan Carlos Pérez F. and Adriana Suárez - Free Version: María Cervantes Balmori, Luis Mariani and Mariana Palos - Year: 2016

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