For Love or Money


At times, a moment of carelessness can alter your fate forever.

Rafael Medina, a responsible and even tempered man, is driving one night in a state of fury after learning his best friend betrayed him and made off with all his hard-earned savings. While attempting to recklessly pass a car in front of him, he causes the car to swerve out of control as it crashes into a ravine. Overcome by remorse, he stops to help the victim, a young beautiful woman who suffers life threatening injuries. He immediately rushes her to the hospital without thinking of the consequences and is placed under arrest pending an investigation. Penniless, and with a sister (Julieta) and a mother (Leonor) to support, things look grim for Rafael, but take a turn for the worse when Alejandra, the accident victim, regains consciousness after a critical operation and vows that she will make that “animal” pay for ruining her life.

Alejandra is determined to put Rafael behind bars, but her fiancé (Marco) persuades her not to as she will never recover the cost of her expensive medical treatment by sending Rafael to jail. So she drops the charges, but first forces Rafael to sign legal documents binding him to make huge monthly payments.

Rafael however can never pay back the large sum with his middle class income, not even if he sold the house that he bought for his mother which he earned with a lot of hard work and sacrifice. That is why, in her own self-interest, Alejandra decides to give him a job at the car dealership where she is a sales manager and turns him into the best salesman in the business only to make sure that he pays back every nickel he owes her. That’s when Rafael’s nightmare really begins!  Alejandra humiliates, mistreats and pushes him to the limit. Rafael does his best and works without stopping, dreaming of the day when he will finally pay off his debt and liberate himself from this terribly wicked but attractive woman. In spite of everything, Alejandra too starts to find Rafael attractive, and this sentiment only worsens her temper.

“For Love or Money” is a compelling story where a sudden accident changes the lives of two people, throwing them into a whirlwind of clashing emotions where unexpected events will force them to make a choice between what is stronger… love or money?



227 x 60'


Executive Producer: Emilio Larrosa - Written by: Fernando Gaitan - Adapted by: Emilio Larrosa -Year: 2009

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