In a rush, Martín travels to Mina Escondida after receiving an urgent letter from his brother in which he pleads him to go save him from the living hell he is going through. On arriving there, Martín goes through huge pain when he learns Demetrio, his brother, has committed suicide. That sorrow turns into hate and desire for revenge against the woman who caused such agony to his brother and drove him to death.

Full of grudge, Martín swears before his brother’s grave to take revenge against that ruthless woman; he will seduce her and drag her to that jungle’s green hell where he will disregard her just as she did to her brother.

His first clue to find the responsible woman is a medallion his brother carried everywhere with him and has the name “V Prado Castelo” in it.

Martín heads back to the city knowing that Prado Castelo is the most important jewelry shop in the country, and in his pursue of getting involved with that family he meets Emiliano, the sole heir of the Prado Castelo millionaire couple who has just arrived in Mexico after being away for two years. 

This way, Martín decides to go visit him on the very same day Emiliano’s parents are throwing a fancy party in their mansion to welcome their son. Martín meets Verónica and Virginia, Emiliano’s cousins, who were adopted by the Prado Castelo. Martín is immediately hooked into Verónica’s beauty and strong personality. However, he is not the only one admiring the young girl’s beauty since Emiliano has returned home with the dream of marrying Verónica whom he has loved ever since they were kids, ignoring that the one obsessed with him is Virginia.

Little by little, Martín falls in love with Verónica, but Virginia’s evil and her intentions to discredit her cousin to keep her away from Emiliano make her lie to Martín, telling him that Verónica has been with several men.

Martín is certain of who is the guilty one when he listens to Virginia confessing Emiliano that Verónica was Demetrio Silveira’s lover whom she seduced out of ambition and then dumped. Struggling between love and hate, Martín asks Verónica to quit everything and marry him. However, Verónica’s happiness won’t last long since her husband changes radically right after the wedding. He takes her to live in the same house Demetrio died, making her believe he is bankrupt and holding her practically as prisoner there.

Blinded and tormented by revenge, Martín is ready to make the woman responsible for his brother’s death experience herself the pain for his loss… the woman he hates and loves the most.

Verónica suffers from Martín’s rejection and indifference not understanding exactly when her happiness slipped through her fingers.

Only true love will be able to fight face to face against the unforgivable, searching the consolation of forgiveness this way.



122 x 60'



Year: 2015

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