Reins Of Love


Montserrat is positive that her little habit of spying on her handsome neighbor Juan Jose, who word has it is a ladies man, is nothing but harmless fun. Definitely. Because everyone knows she’s crazy about her boyfriend Victor… until she finds him in bed with her jealous cousin, Ingrid. Naturally, she breaks up with him.

Shortly after, Montserrat sees Juan Jose on the college campus and learns that he is her new photography professor. To spite Victor, she walks right up to Juan Jose and gives him a passionate kiss, leaving him in a mild state of shock. News travels fast and soon the whole college campus is talking. Juan Jose, in a spirit of fun, lets himself be persuaded to play the part of her boyfriend to help her save face. But it’s definitely only an act!… even when that single kiss still lingers on their lips.

Totally oblivious to the romances and intrigues raging around her, the new student, Maripaz, stoically puts up with the insults of the “popular” girls. Her grandfather is Don Lupe, the college janitor, and she is determined to make the best of her scholarship and carve out a better future for herself. Maripaz fall in love at first sight with Daniel, Montserrat’s brother. How could she know, when he asks her out, that he is merely using her to provoke the girl he really likes, beautiful but shallow Verónica?.

Montserrat is a member of the college riding team. A terrible accident—caused by Ingrid—during a competition confines Montserrat to a wheel chair. During her long process of recovery, Juan Jose is there for her, giving her his help and support, and proving that his love for her is real. Daniel will also come to realize that the girl he truly loves is Maripaz, but having wounded her deeply, it will not be easy for him to convince her of the sincerity of his feelings.

Ingrid and Veronica’s evil lying and scheming, and other dark clouds, threaten to destroy the love of these two couples, and despite their struggle to find happiness in each other, they will have to learn the hard way that the future is uncertain, because only Destiny can master… “Reins of Love.”




150 x 60'



Original Story: René Muñoz - Adapted by: Katia R. Estrada, Enna Márquez - Literary Edition: Ricardo Tejeda - Year: 2007

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