Double Life


What happens when destiny changes your life, facing you with the hardest decision to make?

Angélica Estrada is a committed veterinarian who, along with her mother, works in a pet shop where they help the homeless animals. After a long relationship, Angélica marries Santiago Ballesteros, a young and good looking architect, with whom she falls in love at first sight. They decide to continue their relationship despite the opposition of Santiago’s mother, Patricia Ortiz Monasterio, who considers Angélica worthless and not enough for her son.

After a while, Santiago suffers an accident and disappears, being declared "officially dead". After two years of mourning, Angélica finds love in Ricardo Valtierra, a wealthy and attractive older man who has a relationship with Patricia. He decides to end that relationship to begin a new one with Angélica, which increases the hate and disdain Patricia feels for Angélica.

Angélica and Ricardo get married and after a while, life sets them a surprise: Santiago reappears and he tries to recover his life and Angélica’s heart. Angélica now faces a big dilemma: she is married to two different men, both of whom she loves and needs. This situation forces her into living the drama of having two homes.

At the same time and complementing the story, there’s the life of a man with contradictory values: Cristóbal Lagos, who on the one hand, in Mexico City, is a devoted husband and father, but in the other hand, in Queretaro he has another wife and two more children. On top of that, he is known as Chris Lakes in San Antonio, Texas, where he is a successful business man who falls in love with a fascinating young woman. However, he is actually a scammer who destroys families by stealing their fortunes.

There is also another character in the plot, a bitter, sex addict man named Armando Garza, who works in a big company and will be everybody’s nightmare within the top class corporate business.

These and some other stories are interweaved around Santiago and Ricardo, 2 men who fight for the love of a woman who loves them both, and Angélica, who curses life for forcing her to make a decision she would never have wanted to confront, and which has compelled her to live a “Double Life”.



150 x 60'



Story by: Emilio Larrosa Irigoyen - Writers: Emilio Larrosa Irigoyen, Ricardo Barona and Saúl Pérez Santana - Adapted by: Katia R. Estrada and Enna Marquez - Year 2011

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