True Love


The story begins with a kidnapping attempt to Victoria Balvanera, a huge landowner and owner of a well-known advertising agency. Jose Angel, who happened to be in the family estate applying for the foreman´s job, saves her from the criminals. After the quarrel is over, Victoria decides to hire Jose Angel as her bodyguard; the time they spend together everyday causes that true love grows between them. However, their love is impossible because both of them are married.    

Victoria is Nelson Brizz’s wife, who married her out of convenience; as a result of this marriage, her daughter Nicole was born. She is a fussy and arrogant girl who is permanently hiding her bulimia and anorexia issues. Nicole loves her parents and her grandfather, Anibal, who is a strict, dominant and clever man who manipulates his daughters´ lives, Victoria and Adriana.  

Victoria is married to Nelson; when she discovers he has a lover and she is going to have his child, she fight to get divorced but he refuses to leave her. On the other hand, Jose Angel suffers for the lost of his wife, Cristina; who died in an accident after finding out that she was Anibal Balvanera´s daughter, product of her mother´s relationship with him some time ago.

Liliana, Cristina’s daughter, suffer the loss of her supposed mother ignoring that her real mother is Adriana. Liliana works as a gardener at the Balvanera’s residence where she has to bear with Nicole´s rudeness and abuse. Nicole insists in setting the social difference between them, however, this will come to an end when Liliana finds out that she is a Balvanera too. Knowing this will make her gain the confidence to fight for Francisco’s love, Nicole´s bodyguard, which will put Liliana in disadvantage to win his love. Meanwhile, Nicole, will do almost anything to make Francisco’s life miserable without knowing that she will fall in love with him in the end. 

As a result of a series of misunderstandings, Nicole marries Rogelio without loving him thinking Francisco is in love with Liliana. Rogelio accepts this marriage following his mother´s instructions since they saw in Nicole the only chance to escape from bankruptcy. This marriage turns out to be a complete hell for both of them. After a tragic event that puts Liliana in her death throes, Francisco is forced to marry her; this situation affects Nicole deeply because when she meets him again after breaking up with Rogelio, they both realize they still love each other.

Victoria, Jose Angel, Nicole and Francisco will have to overcome the obstacles from destiny which will be the only thing that will join them and make them realize their “True Loves”.



183 x 60'



Original Story by: Enrique Estevanez/ Marcela Citterio - Scripts and Version: Kary Fajer - Producer: Nicandro Díaz González - Year: 2012

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