Tomorrow is a New Day


This is the story of Mónica Rojas, a cheerful and hard-working woman who has dedicated her entire adult life to her job, her boss, and his family.

Camilo Sarmiento is the owner of Media Link, a polling, survey, and focus company. He is passionate about his work and his family, which is led by wife Diana.  Diana is witty and laid back, but fiercely protective of her tight-night family. Diana writes children’s stories and always tries to find the magic in life, both for her and for their four kids.

The eldest Sarmiento child is Bárbara, 22, a kindergarten teacher. Eighteen-year-old Cristóbal sometimes acts like one of Bárbara’s students, as his immaturity and rebelliousness has kept him from finishing high school. On the other end of the spectrum, Regina, 17, is very mature for her age. And the baby of the family is Nicolás, a seven-year-old boy who is always playing make-believe with his favorite characters from television and film.

Mónica knows the Sarmiento clan is extraordinary and is often guilty of placing their needs before her own. Since joining Media Link two years ago as Camilo's secretary and personal assistant, Mónica has fallen deeply in love with him despite knowing that love would never be reciprocated. But there is a tiny piece of her heart that is holding out hope that things could change.

That change comes in the most devastating way possible when Diana is diagnosed with cancer. Unbeknownst to Camilo, Diana immediately makes finding a replacement wife and mother her top priority, as she will not leave her children or Camilo in this world alone. As Diana grows closer to Mónica through this difficult period, she realizes that the perfect replacement is already in their lives. 

Mónica does not know what to do. On the one hand she is honored to be chosen, but she is afraid of keeping the arrangement a secret from Camilo.

Cancer is not the only challenge facing the Sarmiento family, as the children have their own problems. Regina discovers she is pregnant and is adamant that she must find the perfect parents to adopt the baby, since she is determined not to raise it. Bárbara still wants to start a family with her fiancé, even though he hides a terrible temper behind his superficial smile. Cristóbal struggles with alcoholism, realizing the only thing that can rescue him is his passion for music. On top of all that, Rafael arrives, a son that Camilo did not know existed – another complication added to an already tumultuous family.



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