Today I Will Change


“Today I will change” is a bio-series that chronicles Mexican singer Lupita D’Alessio’s life. Heading the feminist movement in the 70’s through her talent, she sang lyrics that provided women in those years with the bravery to rise against a predominantly chauvinistic society. Ironically, Lupita became the voice of an entire generation of women while experiencing male’s violence and abuse firsthand.

The series simultaneously narrates two stages in Lupita D’Alessio’s life. The first stage starts in 2006 when D’Alessio ruined her reputation, wasted her entire fortune, damaged her relationship with her sons, and found herself in extremis due to drugs overuse. This period also serves as the starting point for Lupita’s present moment where she wholeheartedly recounts the life story of Guadalupe Contreras Ramos, a talented, idealistic, and resolute little girl. Her story will bring us back to the 70s where a five-decade journey begins, presented throughout the different stages of this famous singer’s life. These five decades portray the story of a girl who grew up under her father’s oppression, imposing his will over her and pushing her to become a successful singer. But Lupita’s biggest dream was, in fact, to be a professional dancer or swimmer; and most importantly, to raise an ordinary family. 

We will witness her first child’s death and the births of her second, third, and fourth children; her five unsuccessful marriages, her destructive relationships, the impact of her songs, her success, and the life of luxury and excesses she was living.

The two stages of this series will eventually intersect, becoming a single story then. We will go all over that fateful year 2006 again, but now we will watch closely a celebrity’s decline. All those questions unanswered we had at the beginning will turn into answers themselves. We will get to know the face of destruction thoroughly. Clear explanations to the roots, motivations and the purpose of her behavior will suddenly appear; and the secrets behind this controversial woman and her own reflections will be revealed to us, one by one.  

We will see the events that drove her to a mental imbalance that caused her suicide attempt in the most critical point of her life. Hitting rock bottom, she had to choose between dying or calling out for help and accepting her true destiny: Finding and devoting herself to God in order to move away from self-destruction.

The rebirth and reconstruction stage is the moment when Guadalupe Contreras Ramos, “Lupita D’Alessio”, returns home to confront the biggest challenge, her children’s rejection and mistrust. This time, Lupita, the mother who let her children down once, must look deep inside for the true humbleness to be forgiven and win back the love of each of her sons, and finally come back to life.



21 x 60'



Year: 2017

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