To Want It All is a country story that takes place in a picturesque village called "El Rosario", in which all the members of the Montes family fight to get their inheritance and to gain power inside the hacienda "La Noria".


Don Patricio Montes entrusts his faithful worker, Dalia Santos, with his mission of bringing the Montes family together. In addition, he appoints her as the executor of all his assets.


Valeria Fernandez, a beautiful and successful model, arrives to the Montes family. She gets caught up in this battle since her fiancé, Leonel Montes, is the main person interested in obtaining his father's inheritance.


In the midst of this chaos, Valeria meets an honest groom, Mateo Santos, who arouses feelings in her because of his way of being.


Valeria needs to learn to listen to her heart and give herself the chance to live a great love story, because when it comes to love, you just have “To Want It All”.



122 x 60'


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