Marriage Diaries


“Marriage Diaries” centers around six married couples, their joys and sorrows, the drama and the rich variety of emotions they go through in their daily struggles to stay together after the proverbial “…and they lived happily ever after.”

Antonia and Patricio enjoy a stable relationship based on love, respect, and mutual trust. All is well until one day their daughter Paola is involved in a serious accident. Antonia, who works in a real estate agency, needs some personal time to care of her, but Braulio, her boss and the villain of the story, refuses to grant her even a single day, leaving her no other choice but to quit her job. With her husband’s encouragement and support, Antonia starts up her own business, and one by one she will be joined by Rosaura, Barbara, Yorley, and Maite, four troubled, embattled women who are seeking employment and a shot at a better life.

Rosaura and Rolando’s marriage is a sad tale of deceit and sacrifice. Rosaura is a good woman, whose self-worth is severely compromised by a callous husband who runs around with a younger woman, and by her indifferent teenage children, who take her work and many sacrifices entirely for granted.

Barbara and Jaime are trapped in a viciously dysfunctional marriage. Barbara is pretty and outgoing, but a bit clumsy and lacking in self-confidence. And understandably so, since she lives with an abusive alcoholic husband and a controlling mother-in-law who likes to run her life.

Yorley and David can’t be more different from each other. While Yorley is hard-working and always looks on the bright side of things, her husband David is a deadbeat who sits back and complains he can’t find a job “worthy of his high skills,” while his wife has to work two jobs to support them.

Maite and Jorge’s marriage is based on competitiveness. Their marriage in danger of a separation due to Maite’s driving ambition and her competitive streak. Their conflict comes to a boil when Jorge gets the promotion she thought she deserved, and she, on the other hand, gets fired!

Valeria and Braulio’s marriage is a farce. Valeria knows that she is nothing but a “trophy wife” to her husband, to be put on display. She has no opinion or will of her own, and she now realizes she must get out from underneath his cruel, crushing thumb, and be her own person again.

“Marriage Diaries” mirrors the all-too-familiar day-to-day drama of six couples who must learn the hard way—with or in spite of their spouses—that happiness is not a goal accomplished on your wedding day, but rather the long, difficult journey that must be traveled together from that day onward.



146 x 60'



Producers: Giselle González, Roberto Gómez - Original Story by: Adriana Suárez, Pedro M. Rozo Flores - Adapted by: Aída Guajardo - Year: 2010

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