The Virgin Wife


Shortly before his death, General Francisco Ortiz weds Virginia and names her the sole heir of his estate. Virginia and her little brother Diego travel to San Francisco de los Arenales for the general’s funeral, escorted by her late husband’s nephew, Captain Fernando Ortiz, who despises Virginia for being, he believes, nothing more than a cheap gold-digger. The only person in town who welcomes Virginia is the mayor, Doctor Jose Guadalupe Serrano, a kind, honest man whose wife, Blanca, suffers from a terminal illness.

Virginia is surprised to find the general’s ranch so neglected but does not suspect that it is part of a plan devised by Aurelia (Fernando’s mother) and Cristóbal (the ranch administrator) to steal her inheritance. Aurelia despises Virginia and will make her life miserable to force her off the ranch and thereby forfeit her right to the estate; should Virginia refuse to leave, however, Aurelia is willing to resort to violence. Her hatred reaches a peak when she realizes that Fernando has fallen madly in love with Virginia, whereas Virginia regards him only as a friend.

When Virginia meets Blanca, a warm friendship springs up between them. Jose Guadalupe is confident that Blanca is unaware of his affair with Olga. But Blanca knows. And she knows, too, the type of grasping, self-absorbed woman she is. She fears that, when she is gone, her husband and their daughter Marisol will be very unhappy if he should marry Olga.

In spite of themselves, Virginia and Jose Guadalupe fall passionately in love and must put up a wall of hostility to avoid admitting their feelings to each other, because giving in to their love would mean betraying Blanca’s trust.

After a marriage that was never consumated, Virginia will have to confront Aurelia and Cristóbal’s hatred and greed, while attempting fruitlessly to tear from her heart the burning love that consumes her,... her forbidden love for Jose Guadalupe.



65 x 60'



Camera Director: Jesús Acuña Lee - Stage Directors: Miguel Córcega, J. Edgar Ramírez - Executive Producer: Salvador Mejía Alejandre - Year: 2005

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