The Usurper


Although she always longed to be the first lady, now that Paola Miranda has that place, she is unable to enjoy herself. Her relationship with President Carlos Bernal is minimal, she can't stand Emilio, his son (the fruit of a previous marriage), and she can barely relate to Lisette, the only and troublesome daughter she had with him. She has also just learned that Arcadia Rivas de Miranda is not her biological mother, but rather she was adopted. Disturbed and wanting to learn about her family, Paola hires a private detective who discovers a revealing detail: Olga Doria, her biological mother, has another daughter, Paulina Doria. She is her twin sister, whom the mother decided to keep at birth, while Paola was given up for adoption.

This discovery motivates Paola to build a plan, as wicked as enabling, so that she can leave everyone and start a new life together with Gonzalo, her lover. She will look for her twin sister and offer her to take her place for two weeks in exchange for an attractive sum of money that she knows will help Paulina solve a serious problem in her Foundation. Once the farce begins, with the complicity of Manuel - head of service of the presidential residence - and as part of the Independence Day celebrations, a hired assassin will end her life, and thus eliminate the "false Paola", giving her the freedom that the real Paola needs to start a new life. This act also constitutes a legitimate revenge for Paola -from her viewpoint- against that sister who turned out to be "the chosen one" by her mother and whom she thinks had the happy life she was deprived of.

However, her plan fails. Paulina survives and starts living her life as First Lady in the presidential residence. Her bright personality (so different from Paola's) arouses the admiration of many and little by little she begins to participate more actively in the world of politics, targeting children. Her family ties improve day by day. The love for the woman he believes his wife re-emerges in Carlos and an uncontrollable love arises in Paulina.

At first, Carlos believes that the traumatic experience of the attack changed Paola. Nevertheless, he also becomes aware of the extent to which his dedication as President caused him to neglect his family. Determined to rebuild his relationship with Paola, he looks for a way to get close to her again and little by little, despite Paulina tries to stay distant, love is born between them.

Determined to recover what belongs to her and complete her revenge, Paola will try, by all means, to wipe out her sister and occupy that new powerful and admired place inside the house. Nevertheless, things won't be so easy for her. Facundo Nava, intelligence agent and friend of Carlos, will end up discovering the plan and unmasking Paola.

Both Paola and Paulina are immersed in this story of love, hate, passion, appropriation and intrigue that will turn two twin sisters, as identical as they are dissimilar, into the most intimate and worst enemies.



25 x 60'


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