After 4 elementos, it is time to return to the most defiant place of all, The Underworld. In a majestic setting, only one of the participants will overcome the greatest challenge of their lives, and will have the wisdom to become the master of the Underworld.


The participants will push their greatest fears to the limit, going through different tests by going into the underworld's houses:


The House of cold (Resistance) ice box ice

The House of Jaguars (Adrenaline)

The House of the Earth (Determination) sand is falling down, to get out or the sand drowns them.

The House of Bats (Terror)

The House of Knives (danger)

The House of Fire (desperation) fireballs to keep them out of reach

Each test will represent a house:

•The house of Cold: ice, ice water.

The House of Jaguars: animals.

•The House of the Earth: dirt and quicksand.

•The House of Fire: embers and flames.

•The House of Bats: scary animal shrieks and howls.

•The House of Knives: sharp weapons.


12 shows

1st round, 5 arrive to 5 houses, and 1 wins, show 2

Show 6 the 5 remaining contestants arrive, from there one remains, then the same, the winner of each show is kept, and in the 12th round the two finalists of round 1 will face each other, and  5 new participants in each program.

Host: Gabriel Pontones “El Rasta”.

Co-host: Estefanía Ahumada



•Yes, it is mentioned that it comes from Reto 4 elementos

•Respect for animal welfare




•Overcoming fears

•Bravery = Crossing fears


•Rivalry, only one wins



19 x 120’

Reality de competencia

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