Dumb Girls Don't Go To Heaven


How long can love last in a marriage?

Three years... a month... a single day?

Candy marries Patricio, the love of her life, never suspecting that her happiness will last no more than a few hours; just until the moment she finds her husband and her sister Alicia in a passionate embrace.

A new life

Candy then decides to break with the past. She stages her own death and takes control of her new life. She moves to another city, to live with her dear uncle Meño, and later discovers that she is carrying Patricio’s child.

What do you do when you hate men, but you know you need a relationship?

Seven years go by, and Candy is now a working woman who makes a good living for herself and her son Salvador. The changes she has made in her life have given her self-confidence and strength. But then she meets Santiago, an attractive plastic surgeon with a double life. On the one hand, he is a loving single parent, whose wife abandoned him and their young daughter to pursue a career as a designer; on the other hand, he is a shameless womanizer.

Afraid to love?

In order to have a relationship, Candy and Santiago must overcome their fears as well as their differences. But things may get out of hand when Patricio—now married to Alicia—finds out that she is alive and has a child.

What will Candy do? Will she marry someone with only half of the qualities she wants in a man, or will she forgive the love of her life and the father of her son?

These and other questions will be answered in “Dumb Girls Don’t Go To Heaven,” a different story that addresses a number of today’s issues:

  • The emergence of a new kind of woman, independent and taking charge
  • The fear of commitment that hinders love
  • Cosmetic surgery as a life-changing choice
  • Inner transformation as a way of life

“Dumb Girls Don’t Go To Heaven” is a groundbreaking telenovela, a truly contemporary story that you won’t want to miss.



140 x 60'



Executive Producer: Rosy Ocampo - Associate Producer: Eduardo Meza - Original Story by: Enrique Torres - Script Writers: Enrique Torres, Miguel Vega - Year: 2008

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