The Thread of Love


Valentina is a dreamy, determined and beautiful young woman. She works in the Manrique family's pasteurization company, but she dreams of making it in the world of fashion. She lives with her father, Juan, and her sister, Nora, whom she regards as her best friend. However, Nora doesn't see her that way, as she is deeply jealous of her. Valentina is Ricardo's girlfriend, who pretends to help her fulfill her dreams, but he only intends to use her as a means to steal her father's money. They plan to run away together, but they get caught and Ricardo is forced to go on a trip with his father, who already knows about the robbery and is threatening to send him to jail. So Armando, Ricardo and Juan head to the city, but an accident snatches from Valentina what she loves the most: her fiancé and her father. Completely devastated, the sisters move to the city where they meet Claudio. Nora immediately tries to seduce him, but he and Valentina have fallen in love. Both will have to fight for their love and defeat all the challenges ahead of them, including the unexpected return of Ricardo who is not dead and comes back determined to get Valentina back and get rid of Claudio if he has to.



120 x 60’


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