The Poor Rich Family


It is a story about love, romance, encounters, disagreements and several funny entanglements between two families with absolutely nothing in common but who are yet forced to live in the same house: on one side “The Ruizpalacios” – a lineage, millionaire family – and on the other “The Menchacas” – a typical ghetto family.

The whole story starts when Mati Ruizpalacios, the family’s grandmother, is no longer capable of running the family’s company, so her favorite grandson, Miguel Angel – who has been living in London for the last eleven years – must come back to Mexico for the reading of a clause in his grandfather’s (Don Aureliano) last will, which states as follows:

“The consortium will be inherited by the first of my grandsons who gets married and has a son, before the age of 35.”

From that moment on, Miguel Angel will have his cousin, Alejo, as an ambitious enemy who will involve him in a fraud, driving Miguel Angel and his family to lose their fortune and all their goods, leaving them with a single property located in “La Nopalera” district where, to their surprise, “The Menchacas” currently live.

Don Chuy Menchaca is a former wrestler known as “The Sumatra’s son”; he met Don Aureliano Ruizpalacios many years ago and agreed with him to pay for the property little by little. Nevertheless, as the wealthy businessman died, the debt remained unpaid so Don Chuy without any deeds, settled his home there and built a modest GYM which gives him minimum earnings; therefore he is about to transform it into a typical Mexican diner.  Don Chuy intends to accomplish this ambitious business plan supported by his kids: Jose Tizoc and Perla Ivette, as well as his elder daughter Lupita, mother of an eleven year-old boy, Emiliano, Don Chuy’s very favorite and beloved one.

Given all these circumstances, Don Chuy finds himself forced to accept Miguel Angel and his formerly wealthy family to move into the house located on Italia street at “La Nopalera” district.

Meanwhile, under pressure and with no money at all, Miguel Angel Ruizpalacios will arrive to “La Nopalera” to suffer rather than living, along with his peculiar family: his mother Ana Sofia, an eccentric classy lady who dedicates to carry out charity events even though she dislikes all those who don’t belong to “her social class”; and his brother Leonardo, a typical “rich boy” who studied art in New York; and Frida, his younger sister who apparently has a free spirit but is in fact attached to her comfortable and luxurious life.

The habits and ideas of this opposite families will inevitably crash, leading to a chaotic and funny environment in which Lupita Menchaca and Miguel Angel Ruizpalacios – who act as mediators between their families – will end up falling in love, and together will face all hardships to defend their feelings and overcome every obstacles while they discover life’s true value.



167 x 60'

Family Melodrama


Producer: Rosy Ocampo - Original by: Adriana Lorenzón - Adaptation: Pedro Rodríguez, Alejandra Romero, Humberto Robles - Year: 2013

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