The Pilot II


Yolanda Cadena is now living in LA with a new identity. She is a few days away from getting married to Dave Mejia and finally reaching her dream of becoming Arley Jr.’s adoptive mom when Coronel Santamaria returns. He is now allied with the russian mafia and has the sole objective of slowly finishing her.

Dave will be faced the terrible dilemma of seeking the help of the only person who is capable of locating and fighting against the russian mafia, John Lucio, his old time rival. 



82 x 60'



Jörg Hiller


Yolanda - More

John - More

Dave - More

Mónica - More

Andrea - More

Olivia - More

Irina - More

Vasily - More

Morrison - More

Regueros - More

Felicidad - More

Muñeco - More