The P.Luche Family (Series 3)


The P. Luche Family is coming back more acid and bitter than ever in this new season; Ludovico is clumsier, Federica is shallower; Bibi is weirder; Excelsa is lazier, Ludoviquito is more teenager (although his “duck voice” has changed a little ) and Junior...well more an adopted child than ever.

The P.Luche Family has grown adding now a new member: Excelsa´s son; and this finally clarifies who the father is. The kids have grown and so have the problems... nonsense tantrums, pimples and acne, complete immaturity, and insecurities typical of the age, are just some of the conflicts that... Ludovico must need to deal with.

If The P.Luche Family´s life was already complicated per se, in this 3rd Season Ludovico and company will definitely prove why they have been referred to as “The most dysfunctional family in P. Luche City”.



18 x 30'



Executive Producer and General Director: Eugenio Derbez - Executive Producer: Elías Solorio Lara - Creative Director:“CREO” - Year: 2012

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