The P.Luche Family (Series 2)


The P. Luche Family is an irreverent, funny and highly original sitcom.

Ludovico, Federica and their three offspring: Bibi, Junior and Ludoviquito, are an average, run-of-the-mill family whose everyday problems somehow explode in utter mayhem.

They live in Plush City, an urban sprawl with a style all its own, where buildings, cars and just about everything else are tastefully and exquisitely decorated in—you guessed—plush! Lots of plush!

The P. Luche Family is a sitcom of absolutely un-epic proportions that will bring joy into your home with fun and bizarre family situations.

But at the end, it is probably fair to say that we all may end up feeling that that our family is just like The P. Luche Family!



24 x 30



Executive Producer and General Director: Eugenio Derbez - Executive Producer: Elías Solorio Lara -Creative Director: “CREO” - Year: 2007

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