Panther (Series 1)


The Panther is a rogue hero, charming, seductive and charismatic, who lives on the edge of his emotions. He fights crime, corruption and injustice in the world’s largest city.

The series begins with The Panther’s escape from prison, where he had been unjustly confined five years before for the murder of his beloved fiancée.

With the aid of his best friend, a taxi driver known simply as “The Fat Man,” The Panther helps the new chief of police to fight crime, and to spare others from the cruel injustice he had to face, The Panther will fight for the innocent. He will be sought out by the neighborhood housewives, the homeless children, petty thieves who want to go straight and even rich society ladies.

Gradually, his reputation will grow, and The Panther will become the hero that his city so urgently needs.



13 x 60'



Producer: Rodolfo de Anda - Associate Producer: Beatriz Girón - Stage Directors: Alejandro Gamboa - Year: 2007

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