The Neighbor


Sara breaks her relationship with Cheo and gets fired from the Hotel where she was working. Jobless and facing her love situation, she decides to spend a few days in San Gaspar with her uncles Simón and Vicente.

Meanwhile, the General Director of CONATROL, a company dedicated to distribute gasoline, decides to send Antonio Andrade to their factory located in San Gaspar due to the huge gasoline robbery there is in that area. Antonio accepts to go immediately, putting off his wedding with Isabel, the daughter of millionaire Guillermo Cisneros.

Ricardo, another employee at CONATROL, takes advantage of Antonio’s absence to do anything in order to take his place, not only at work, but also seducing Isabel, Antonio’s fiancée, and making and alliance with Pedro, the local leader of the gasoline plunderers.

Destiny puts Sara and Antonio together, first as neighbors and then when Sara comes to CONATROL looking for a job. Sara and Antonio spend a weekend together in an unexpected trip where an attraction emerges between them. Despite the fact that they have such different personalities, Sara’s attitude and freshness will win his heart over, little by little.

Back in San Gaspar, Antonio and Sara say good-bye lovingly; they can’t deny the attraction they feel, but they understand that what they lived during the trip can’t go on. He is engaged and she is very different to what Antonio expects from life. He promises to give her a job in CONATROL without imagining that Ricardo will manage to make them look bad, making an appointment with Sara for a “job interview” with the sole intention of exposing Sara’s and Antonio’s supposed affair in front of the company’s top executives, preventing Sara from being hired this way. 

Sara decides to get back to San Gaspar, but she misses her flight and Antonio lets her stay in his apartment where they make love and promises too. The next day, Sara finds out about Antonio’s engagement with Isabel and she gets back to San Gaspar heartbroken, believing Antonio only played with her heart.

Sara decides to take the control of her life and buys Pedro’s restaurant “El Molcajete”. Pedro makes things very easy for her thinking he could get fresh information about CONATROL this way, aware of Sara’s interest in Antonio.

Antonio decides to break his relationship with Isabel and tries to win Sara’s heart again, but Isabel manages to put Antonio’s father in jail unjustly, forcing Antonio to marry her in exchange for his father’s freedom. Sara feels betrayed by Antonio once more and decides to stay away from him forever.

Sara and Antonio know they are made for each other and they were born to be together, but they must fight for their happiness following their hearts and putting their fears aside.



177 x 60'



Year: 2015

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