The Prettiest Ugly Girl


Lety is a sweet girl; demure, shy, romantic and very intelligent, but hardly attractive. One could even say she is ugly. Her parents, Erasmo and Julieta, struggled to give her an education, and she majored with honors in economics and has a master’s degree in finance. Her best friend and confidant is Tomas, who shares her tears and joys. He is as smart—and as plain—as she is.

Lety does not see her ugliness as an obstacle and confidently sets out to find a job, but she sadly discovers that her skills are not enough, in every company she applies for an executive position, she is rejected because of her plain looks. However, a job is a job, and she accepts a secretarial position in “Conceptos,” the most important production company in the country, founded by Don Humberto Mendiola and Julian Villarroel.

Now that Don Humberto is retiring, his son Fernando and Ariel Villarroel, his partner’s son, compete for the presidency of the company. Fernando wins by one vote, cast by Marcia—a major stockholder and his girlfriend. Ariel, who is arrogant and smart, is only waiting for him to fail to take over his position.

Lety´s rival for the job as Fernando’s secretary is Alicia Ferreira, a shallow yet very attractive woman with no skills or experience; however, she is Marcia’s close friend, and Marcia wants her chronically unfaithful boyfriend, to keep an eye on him. Fernando does not give in to pressure and chooses Lety, who is the best candidate,... but ugly! Marcia uses this as an excuse to keep pushing to get Alicia hired. In the end, they both stay; Alicia as a P.R. receptionist and earning three times as much as Lety, who gets a tiny space in Fernando’s office and is in charge of the computer, phones, etc., but especially his schedule and his private matters.

Lety, moved because Fernando stood up for her against everyone, becomes his faithful ally, which turns Alicia and Marcia into her sworn enemies.

But Lety’s troubles in “Conceptos” are only beginning: the company’s financial problems escalate and the aggression against Fernando, and against Lety herself, increases dramatically.

To compound her problems, Lety falls in love with Fernando, but, how could he be interested in such a plain girl? However,Lety’s intelligence and hard work will bear positive results. There are a few surprises in store, and an unexpected change will transform the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

With a spectacular cast and a touch of comedy, “The Prettiest Ugly Girl” is a breath of fresh air with her optimism and determination to succeed.



300 x 60'



Executive Producer: Rosy Ocampo - Associate Producer: Eduardo Meza - Stage Director: Sergio Jiménez - Original: Fernando Gaitán - Adapted by Palmira Olguín - Year: 2006

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