The Heart is Never Wrong


Unaware that their lives will change completely, Aristóteles Córcega and Cuauhtémoc López will arrive in Mexico City to accomplish their greatest mission: Do justice!

Ari and Temo must learn to live on their own at 18 years old, surviving the challenges the big city and their new life stage imply regarding their love and personal life, their academic life in College, and the working life at their first job.

Both will learn that leaving their family behind is tough. However, they will also discover that friends can be a new and awesome family as well, by the hand of their roomies: Diego, Temo’s best friend, who doesn’t get along with Ari and will bring a hint of comedy and fun; and Carlota, a young girl determined to get ahead in life as a professional and who will face a significant challenge when she learns she has AIDS.

Ari and Temo will meet Elsa Ramírez in college, a strict oral and written communication teacher, who will instruct them on how to defend themselves with words, shape their character and advise them on their personal issues. She will also introduce Temo into the rather conflictive world of politics. Elsa is the campaign manager for Ubaldo Ortega, Mexico City’s candidate for governor. Along with his classmate, Mateo Simansky, Temo will join the campaign as an intern; ignoring Ubaldo Ortega (his best friend’s father) will be the biggest enemy he and Ari will have to defeat. 

Ubaldo Ortega portrays himself as a supportive and responsible candidate, committed with the citizens; but in fact, he is a corrupt of the worst kind, always ready to do the worst villainies only to satisfy his craving for power. One of them is the crime that opens this story, which will put Temo’s life at risk. Why would he do it?

A turbulent past connecting Elsa and Ubaldo will be eventually unraveled, showing that Elsa has been close to him drawing up a plan to wipe him out and do justice.

Aris y Temo will go through love hardships, solving the usual daily life’s problems of a young couple, providing for their home, and putting up a fight against Mateo Simansky, their powerful young antagonist, who is ready to prove they are not the perfect couple or a moral example of union and fidelity. Things will get messy when Mateo shows interest in Temo, exploring a different sexual preference and diversity, as he is a closeted gay.

Besides love and the daily problems, Aris and Temo will also face a financial crisis. They will have less and less money to survive and pay for their careers. Ari will start pushing himself in order to become a famous singer and influencer in the city, although he will have Thiago as a rival, a popular singer and influencer who will unexpectedly end up having an unforgettable affair with Carlota. 

Ari and Temo have left their family in Oaxaca. In this new adventure, they will see that friendship is so big and powerful that it can turn into a family bond. The emergence of this new family will introduce them to daily life problems, the usual conflicts related to their age, their shortages, and their strengths. Nevertheless, there will be justice and rewards that will leave an important message to them. They will also reach the goal of building a true home and realize that the two of them are a new family. They will prove they needed to grow individually and as couple as well, reinforcing their plans of marrying and embarking themselves into the deep commitment marriage implies, under the oath: “Whatever comes, you’ll always be my heart… and the heart is never wrong”.

This story will show five different kind of families:

1.  The united family. Amapola (Polita) Castañeda, Eduardo, and little Arquímedes make up this family. As the loving mother Polita is, she will protect and help her 18 year-old son, Aristóteles, evolve in his quest for emancipation.

2.  The dysfunctional family that will learn to reconstruct itself. Elsa Reynoso, who is separated from her husband, Olegario, makes up this family. They had two children, Andrés, who tragically committed suicide, and Carlota, an 18 year-old girl who feels that her family is shattered but will be able to reconstruct it.

3.  The perfect family who will go through a deconstruction. Ubaldo, an ambitious candidate for Governor in Mexico City, and Soledad, a sculptor who has lived under her husband’s subjugation for too long, make up this family. They have a teenager son, Diego, who suffers from depression and is trying to find his identity. There is also Dora and Nora, Ubaldo’s older sisters, who have a more conservative view of the world. Both are single, but there is a big secret behind their spinsterhood.

4.  The chosen family. Aristóteles, Temo, Diego and Carlota, the youngsters looking for their independence, make up this family. They are the group of best friends taking the huge step of flying away from home without the safety net their parents represent. The four of them will realize that union is strength when the world brings them challenges, and that friends are a family you can count on.

5.  The female kind. The union of Elsa, Soledad, Dora and Nora make up this family type. The four women will coexist and share experiences; each of them will express what they feel regarding their afflictions, from their issues with their children, to their marriage problems, and even their existential doubts. Polita will join this group causing a revolution. 



26 x 60'


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