The Power Of Destiny


Ivan Villagómez, a modest young man of humble origins, was the victim of rejection, deceit and manipulation in his early youth. He was framed for gangster’s murder, so he had to flee to the U.S.  He spent 11 years abroad, where he never gave in to despair, and with hard work, discipline and determination, he was able to make something of himself.

Today, he has decided to return to his native Mexico to claim what is rightfully his, find his son and seek justice for his mother’s death. He will unexpectedly find in Lucia Lomelí, a love that will make him aware of “The Power of Destiny.”

The story begins when Ivan is 14 years old, and with his mother Alicia he comes back to the place of his birth, where his father Juan Jaime Mondragón lives. Juan Jaime is a rich and powerful rancher who refuses to acknowledge him as his son, rejecting him and making threats against him and his mother.

Alicia then is compelled to take a job as a cook in the mansion of the Lomeli Curiel family, the home of Doña Carlota, her daughter Lucrecia, Lucrecia’s husband Gerardo and their daughters Maripaz and Lucia.

Ivan does whatever he can to help around the house. Being a smart young man, he is able to stay in school until he is 19, when eighteen-year-old Maripaz comes back from studying abroad and Ivan is stunned by her beauty. Maripaz is frivolous and irresponsible; she seduces Ivan and it doesn’t take long for her to get pregnant.

Naturally, there is a huge scandal and Lucrecia, Maripaz’s mother, is furious. She sends some thugs to beat up Ivan, and as he tries to defend himself, they make him think he killed one of his attackers, so he must get away. When he gets home, he is shocked to find his mother dead.

Overwhelmed with grief and confusion, he believes that it was all caused by Lucrecia and Juan Jaime Mondragon. He knows he is powerless against them, and having nothing else to lose, he decides to take his chance and migrate illegally to the U.S.

There, he meets the man who will become his mentor and protector, Anthony McGuire. After 11 years, Anthony persuades him to go back to Mexico on business, but also to confront his past.

Upon his return, Ivan will find surprises, lies and mysteries, such as the fact that his son disappeared on the day he was born, and to this day, nobody knows where he is.

Nonetheless, the most moving revelation will be when Lucía, Maripaz’s younger sister, tells him that she has been in love with him since she was a little girl. Ivan never suspected her feelings for him because he always saw her as a child and a good friend.

But “The Power of Destiny” will set things straight, and in the end it will be Lucía who will help him find his son, recover his self-esteem and pride, and overcome every obstacle with strength and dignity.

Together, they will discover the meaning of friendship, loyalty, and commitment. And in the end they will be joined forever by true love, thanks to “The Power of Destiny.”



102 x 60'



Original Story by: María Zarattini - Producer: Rosy Ocampo - Year: 2011

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