The Flight To Victory


Cecilia, a sick and underprivileged woman, leaves and abandons her newborn baby daughter at the Seis Potros ranch, property of the Santibañez family, truly hoping her daughter has a better life there than the one she could offer to her.

However, Chencha is the one who finds the baby girl and becomes the little one’s new carer. Now, she must manage to raise the child without disturbing the house’s owners, especially fearsome Gloria de Santibañez, the lord and master of the house and a cold-blooded, controlling woman who is to mark the little girl’s fate.

The child is named Victoria as she has already achieved her first major victory: staying alive despite her mother’s abandonment. She grows up as a normal child, full of life and joy. At 4 years old, she is already used to running around barefoot. Apparently, her inevitable destiny is to become a professional sprinter.

The athletic national team’s recruiter, Don Clemente, arrives in town and finds there the star he is looking for. Victoria might win the gold medal, but at only 14 years old, she is accused of causing her best friend an accident and going into a coma. This way, Victoria is condemned to spend the remaining years of her adolescence in a detention center. Her life is not completely ruined, though. Her nanny Chencha and Andrés, Gloria’s youngest son, promise to stay by her side supporting her until the day she leaves this place. 

Even though his mother hates Victoria and has relentlessly tried to separate them, Andrés has stayed loyal to his promise of restoring her freedom and make Victoria his wife.

Upon turning 18, Victoria recovers her freedom and her hopes to become a great athlete, too. However, she will be confronted with a determination that will mark her fate again. She must choose between going after her dream of becoming a sprinter, or staying next to Andrés, who never let her down when she needed him the most.

Don Clemente appears again to remind her she is a winner and offers her a last chance to move to the capital city and join the athletics squad. Victoria chooses to follow on her dream and leave everything else behind, ignoring that she is also walking away from Cecilia, her real mother, who is back in town determined to recover her daughter at all cost.

Victoria meets Raúl in the city. He is the athletics team’s physician, but he was also her best companion along her stay in the detention center through his radio show. Now, the love that emerged between them before they even met has turned into a reality.

Victoria’s life seems to have a direction at last; but her destiny still has some surprises and hardships ahead. She must learn that it is only through discipline and hard work that she will be able to achieve her goals. She is a free spirit and no one will prevent her from taking off.



90 x 60’



Carlos Romero

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