The Devils Corner


Ana García is a beautiful young woman who is willing to become a member of the Special Forces. Her inclination is a tribute to her father who died in the line of duty being a police officer. Ana’s short temper is an impediment for her to achieve what she wants, but the chaotic situation the city is going through seems to conspire to get her closer to her dream.

Ángel Velasco is the leader of the biggest cartel in the region. His megalomania has made him tempt the authorities in different levels. Velasco has full control of a group known as The Devil’s Corner and he might have ended there after the latest attack by the police force. How to get to him?

At this point, agent Ana García proposes to Lieutenant Éder Martin, an intrepid police officer and leader of the Special Forces, a plan to infiltrate the community. Although Martin turns down the proposal at the beginning, the circumstances and Ana’s determination make him finally accept the plan. Thus, agent García changes her identity and contacts the community to start a fake ONG intended to promote the coexistence among the Corner’s youngsters.

While Ana organizes her front, a strong attraction grows between Lieutenant Martin and her. This inevitably represents a conflict to him as he is about to marry Paula Gómez, the beautiful daughter of Jaime Gómez, the city’s Mayor. On the other hand, as Ana gets into the dark world of the Devil’s Corner, she meets Yago, the second in command in Velasco’s cartel, who appears to have noble ideals despite his criminal activity. Ana is attracted by him, so she must deal with the double conflict Éder and Yago pose to her and also with her necessity to finish Velasco off protecting his second in command.

The parallel plot of power develops intensely in this complicated labyrinth of emotions. As Ana, Éder and Yago sink into their desperate passions, mayor Gómez reveals himself as a sinister and ambitious character who would be capable of selling his soul to the devil just to increase his power. His big sponsor, Philip Gatsby, a mysterious millionaire known as a philanthropist and manager of good causes, is his obscure partner in several murky business.

Despite all the deaths and crimes invading the city, the murderers and merchants of death begin to fall in front of Ana and Éder’s vigor. In this frantic movement, the triangle formed by the two agents and Yago recovers a side of human nature that will surprise the viewers. The border between good and evil seem vaguer than ever. 



70 x 60'



Executive Producer: Maria Fernanda Bateman - Original: Covadonga Espeso, Jordi Arencón - Year: 2015

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