The Dark Widow I


Her angelic beauty is Griselda Blanco´s biggest enemy. At the age of 14, her mother´s partner rapes her, which unleashes the fury that will be a constant in this scary woman´s life. After taking revenge against her rapist, Griselda falls in love for the first time. Eyebrows, her partner, will be the first to betray her, giving birth then to the great crime legend, the Black Widow. From then on, the life of the Godmother, as she will also be called, is connected to the growing business of drug trafficking. This is how she meets her second husband, her son´s father, whom she will murder after he tries to take Michael Corleone away from her. The life of drug trafficking´s most powerful woman crosses paths with the obsessive police officer who is behind her back. It is agent Norm Jones, who has spent his time chasing her. It is precisely him who gets to put her into jail while he is hiding the disgrace of secretly loving her. In jail, the Black Widow meets a lawyer who will become her third man. As if it were an inevitable fate, she is betrayed once more so she has to arrange the death of the man she loves. Finally, a minor drug dealer claiming to be in love with her appears in her life. After exchanging letters, Griselda and Tyler will keep a passionate romance inside jail. This will be her last husband whom she will also murder when she finds out that he is nothing but an undercover agent. Story comes to a climax when Griselda´s son is kidnapped by a powerful cocaine magnate. This kidnapping is part of this Colombian drug dealer´s revenge since Griselda arranged to kill Martha, the magnate´s niece. This twist of events leads her to plan her escape on the day of her execution and get back to Medellin in order to rescue Michael Corleone. Her untiring fighting spirit and her intense fury drive her to achieve her goal. The Black Widow will surpass all hardships life puts in front of her until the day she dies on a street in Medellin. Some hitmen riding motorbikes, a method she invented herself, shoot her when she is coming out from a butcher´s shop.




81 x 60'



Executive Producer: Hugo León Ferrer - General Producer: Madeleine Contreras - Edition: Alba Merchan - Scripts: Yesmer Uribe - Scenery: Jorge Parra - Year: 2014

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