“CQ” tells the adventures of 8 high school students, whom will make children and grownups laugh out loud with their stories and pranks.

Eight different characters that live in the same crazy fun universe called “CQ”: “The Popular one”, “The Pretty one”, “The Smart one”, “The Evil one”, “The Assistant of the Evil one”, “The Nerd one”, “The one who thinks she is Mature” and “The Abusive one”; they will make us live and enjoy anecdotes that will cause entertaining conflicts which will never stop being current. Meeting the first love, knowing who will win the science project, discovering the true meaning of friendship, or seeing who is the most clever to cheat on the exam, will be just some of the experiences that these 8 characters will have to live together. 

All this and more is “CQ”.



100 x 30'

Juvenile Comedy


Original Story by: Pedro Ortiz De Pinedo - Producer: Pedro Ortiz De Pinedo - Year: 2012

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