The Color Of Passion


Adriana is married with Alonso Gaxiola, owner of a Talavera factory, and her two sisters live in the same house with them. They have a solid marriage that seems to be wonderful without knowing that Rebeca is a capricious and twisted woman who has the intelligence to appear as a “real angel” in front of everyone; only Magdalena knows her younger sister’s flaws and suspects about her true intentions.

Rebeca has always been secretly in love with Alonso and for this reason she envies Adriana profoundly; this feeling turns into hatred when she realizes her sister is about to become a mother. On the other hand, Magdalena goes through a big tragedy when her fiance disappears the day of their wedding. Helpless to confront the situation, she moves away from her family and devotes her life to help the neediest ones.

Only a few days after Magdalena leaves the capital. Alonso travels abroad in order to close a deal and start exporting his products; during this period, the destiny of Alonso  and Adriana will change forever: she suffers a serious accident and the only survivor is her baby daughter. After the tragedy, Alonso takes refuge in his daughter Lucia, his only consolation in life,  Rebeca takes advantage from that.

The story goes on 24 years later. Alonso and Rebeca get married. She has become a “true mother” for Lucia and also, she has become “the best wife in the world”, she is a “true lady”. The couple has a second daughter, Nora, who is 22 years old. She is frivolous, willful, and manipulative, just like her mother.

Rebeca is full of frustration because she knows that she will never have Alonso´s love completely, so she starts having an affair. However, this only increases her loneliness. After humiliating Federico, her lover, he commits suicide and she tries to go on with her life as if this never happened, but she doesn´t consider that her lover´s family, especially his brother Marcelo, will want to get to the bottom of his death.

Marcelo moves to Puebla, Mexico, and it doesn´t take long for him to find out that within the Gaxiola Murillo family he will discover the secret of his brother’s death. In his pursuit of revenge, he cleverly gets involved with them, and without noticing, he starts falling in love with Lucia who rejects him at first, but little by little accepts him.

The intrigues and problems continue, the same as the misunderstandings. The past seems to get back and cover the present. The tragedies are part of the family´s day-by-day where the hidden facts begin to be revealed, as they always do. Lucia looks like a dead walking woman, the possible happiness she could achieve has left without a trace…a happiness that only she can build.



122 x 60'



Year: 2014

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