A new Televisa format with which Mexico opens to the entertainment world across Latin America through an international casting in which singers, dancers and impersonators from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the United States, Spain and, ultimately, Mexico, will participate.

We will choose the top performers; a champion in each of the three disciplines. They will be seated in The Throne with an initial prize of one hundred thousand pesos which will increase every week, as long as they emerge triumphant from the big battle against Their Challenger!

Each week, three candidates from each discipline will try to snatch the Champion's title, the Throne and the money. A jury consisting of three Mexican stars will evaluate the contestants and choose the Challenger in each category.

But beware... The Champion won't get to hear, nor see their performance...

So, the champions will have to make a pivotal decision: give up the throne to take half of the accumulated money or risk it all and face their mysterious opponent! Whoever loses the Throne in the showdown leaves empty-handed. The one who keeps it moves on to the next show and retains the accumulated prize money.

This is a refreshing format full of surprises as The Challenger could be an old lady, a child, a couple or a group of people...

Would you compete against someone you don't know and go home handily with half of the money? or would you take the risk to make it to the final and win an accumulated prize of 800,000 pesos?

This is The Challenger, a show that will test talent, but above all, the strength and courage of its participants ... Because reaching the top is hard, but staying there is the big Challenge!


A remarkable reality show that combines the showmanship of a talent competition with the tension of a game show.





A JURY made up of great CELEBRITIES.

An irreverent, funny and intelligent female HOST.

And a person who could change everything.... THE INFORMANT.



8 shows

Reality Show

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