The Candidate


Just like many other women, Regina struggles day by day for her family’s well-being, carrying through her decayed relationship with her husband and her teenage son’s insubordination. However, unlike other women, her whole life is in plain sight as she is married to the city’s Mayor and being herself an honest Senator who is always trying the best for others.

In the politicians’ world, a world of men who pursue power at any cost, there is Regina fighting to improve people’s reality and make ideals prevail over power.

When Alonso, her husband, decides to run for President, his true face becomes visible: he is ferocious, violent, perverse, and capable of destroying any political rival regardless of the consequences. But he overlooks that he is turning his best ally, the mate who took him to the peak of his career, into his main opponent.

Regina is forced to confront him, and precisely then, Gerardo reappears in her life, a former classmate with whom she was in love once. He’s Alonso’s main political rival, the man who is battling for the President’s chair against him, and also he will try to win back Regina’s heart. When she acknowledges that her life next to the man she’d always thought she loved and with whom she had a son is far from perfect and full of lies and betrayals, she makes the decision to move away from him.

The revelation of Alonso’s secrets, cheatings, and corrupt actions proves Regina that she made the right choice. She is aware that in order to avoid disaster, she must annihilate her entire world and alter her own reality to get over in a completely corrupted circle.

Destiny will lead her to discover her path is indeed linked to politics, but next to an honest man who backs her up unconditionally and leaves his own political ambitions behind, a man who is there to encourage and support her… even when she becomes the candidate.

Because it is not just a political fight, but also a struggle to defend and change her own fate as well as a whole country’s.



62 x 60’



Leonardo Bechini and Oscar Tabernise

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