Fabiola, Corina and Amparo are widower Olegario Montoya´s daughters, owner of “Las Bandidas” ranch. The plot focuses on the three sister´s love stories and an old rivalry between Olegario Montoya´s family and Rodrigo Irazabal, who believes that Olegario stole real estate from his brother, Tulio Irazabal, and caused his death.

Fabiola, the eldest, gets to know Alonso Cáceres, the Veterinarian in charge of Rodrigo´s horses, and an immediate attraction grows between them. Corina, the second daughter meets her father´s number one enemy, Rodrigo Irazabal, and they fall hopelessly in love despite the age difference and Olegario´s disagreement. Amparo, the youngest, meets again with Ruben, a workman in “Las Bandidas” and son of Zenaida, the Montoya´s nanny. Amparo treats him with contempt but they have a romantic approach when he saves her from some thugs.

Malena is Olegario´s second wife, a young gold digger who has got him completely dazzled. Fabiola can´t stand Malena since she can see her true colors, and also because she is trying to seduce Alonso.

The three couples will go through a series of misfortunes, having to prevail over lies and betrayal, but in the end, they will all struggle to make their love come true and make sure nothing will ever get in their way. The old rivalry between the two families is cleared and “Las Bandidas” is gambled in a race. The winner is never revealed.

Two years go by, the Montoya´s and the Irazabal´s are reconciled and, they gather together for a family picture, grandchildren included.



120 x 60'



Story based on Luis Colmenares “Las Amazonas, on the original story by César Miguel Rondón. - Producer: Andrés Santamaría - Year: 2012

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