We spend our life putting off our death, thinking of it as something remote that may never happen. But how do you face life when you know that your death is just around the corner?

Abril has her whole life ahead of her. She has just started on the job of her dreams, writing for a high-profile magazine, and love seems to smile on her in the person of the most desirable bachelor in the publishing firm. A life that may sound like the perfect fairytale soon turns into a totally different reality when she is told that she suffers from leukaemia and has only a few months to live.

Abril must then decide if she will fight a war that seems already lost, or accept the inevitability of death. While this struggle takes place inside her day after day, her priorities and values will change, as well as her relationships with the people around her.

Abril will realize that she has never been truly in love, and that to find love, she must take a chance on the things she never dared to do before.

The young girl then begins to lead a very different kind of life, more honest and intense, because she knows she has no control over the way she will die, but she can decide how to live the time she has left in this world.

TERMINALS: knowing how to die, is knowing how to live is the TV series where death will teach us how to live.



13 x 60'


Executive Producer: Miguel Angel Fox - Associate Producer: Ma. Del Refugio Razo - Line Producer: Fernando Hubbe Sastré - Year: 2008

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