Street's Virgin


Juana, a humble, joyful and proactive woman was given a scholarship to study in a University abroad. Mauricio Vega, Editor of The Truth Magazine, is obsessed with the only thing his wife can’t give him, a child. Mauricio has managed to convince his wife, Carlota Rivas, to try a surrogate mother. It is at the gynecologist’s office where Mauricio and Juana’s destinies will be intertwined. Juana´s and the surrogate mother’s names are switched by accident, and Juana is artificially inseminated with Mauricio’s semen. The symptoms become evident in a short time. The diagnosis: Juana, despite being a virgin, is pregnant. Juana ends up working as a photographer in the magazine, and Mauricio becomes her protector. Juana opens her heart to Mauricio and falls in love with him. Juana finds out that the baby she is expecting is Mauricio’s but she is cheated and ends up thinking that Mauricio, who wanted to have a child at all costs, deceived her. Deeply wounded and feeling used and cheated, Juana forces Mauricio to forget about her and the baby. After losing Juana, Mauricio realizes that, more than being eager about having a baby, he has fallen in love with her and will do anything to get them back. The love story takes place in a modern city, full of corruption and drug trafficking issues that are reported in the magazine “The Truth”, which is run by Mauricio.



120 x 60'



Original Story Perla Fari̇́as, Writer Basilio Álvarez - Scripts: Karin Valecillos, Daniel Dannery, Ilay Eskinazi, Basilio Álvarez - Overall Production: Rodolfo Hoyos - Production Manager: Alejandro Garcia W - Year: 2013

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