S.O.S., Sex And Other Secrets (Season 1)


Five friends; five women with different takes on life, who sometimes agree and often have opposite views, but who nonetheless share a deep bond of friendship and a concept of commitment that makes them a unique, charming group.

They are: Irene, the housewife with a teenage daughter; Sofia, divorced and free of commitments who works in a travel agency; Maggie, the single mother who loves her work as a TV writer; Tania, the successful attorney who gives up her job to look after her young son, and Pamela, the provincial single woman who dreams of marrying and having children, but falls in love with a married man.

From episode to episode, we will discover how they live, how they met, how they became friends, their most intimate desires and the secrets they keep hidden for fear of being rejected.

We will hear of the sexual experiences that have molded their character, of their desire to take control of their lives and become empowered women, of their search for self assurance and personal fulfillment, and we will share their struggle to overcome their limitations and grow as human beings.

SOS –Sex and Other Secrets delves deeply into the hopes and dreams that draw these women together, and the events that will put their friendship and loyalty to the test. Sometimes sad, sometimes cheerful, sometimes shocking, but always a fascinating story.



13 x 60'



Executive Producer: Benjamín Cann - Producer: Javier Williams - Producer: Andrea Salas - Original: Benjamin Cann Ziman, Maria Cristina Garcia Sanchez, Martha Leticia Carrillo Perea - Year: 2007

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