Sleeping With My Boss


Gael Urrutia is an important advertiser in Mexico City. His company, Urrutia Publicity, has great reputation in the industry. However, on a bad hair day, Urrutia finds out that his wife has filed for divorce, after she discovered he is having an affair with their daughter´s best friend who is also his personal assistant. Madly angry, she gets the judge to freeze his accounts, take off his car, strip him off all his goods and leave him bankrupt; finally she kicks him out of the house, leaving him on the street. Carlos Briones, Urrutia Publicity´s accountant who is constantly looked down by Urrutia, takes pity on him and brings him into his home. He also shares his home with his mother and his nosy sister. When his girlfriend, Gina, finds out he is now sharing his bed with his boss, she threatens to leave him if he doesn´t throw him out. Between a rock and a hard place, Briones wants to please his girlfriend as much as his boss; however, just when Gina seems to be winning the battle, a beautiful ideas woman in the company, Marina, appears in the scene and wins Briones´ heart. Will Urrutia ever recover his fortune? Will Briones be able to kick his boss out of his apartment? A story that will definitely make the entire audience burst out laughing.



18 x 30'



Producer: Jorge Ortíz de Pinedo - Original Idea By Jorge Ernesto Korovsky, Ismael Hase, Walter Salvich, Marcelo Salvich - Year 2013

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