Single Dad


Nicolás Contreras and Victoria Robles are two opposite worlds; they love and hate one another. However, life will amaze them, and they will end up forming a beautiful, funny and peculiar family next to Nicolás' three orphaned nieces: Camila, Alexa and Sofi. Nico is a PR manager in a prestigious hotel in Acapulco, and he lives free of ties, he doesn't believe in marriage or love. Victoria Robles is just the opposite, she wants to start a family and be a mother. However, life has a bad move in store for her, as she has been diagnosed with a severe endometriosis that prevents her from conceiving. This causes her great pain, which deepens when Mauricio Mijares, with whom she is about to marry, cancels the wedding on the previous day.

Victoria and Nico become neighbors of a building in which the Del Paso family lives. It is conformed by a very peculiar mother-in-law called Doña Úrsula Pérez, a charming woman who sells food in the Acapulco market and who is always escorted by her inseparable cat, Tritón. Gabriela, Juve's wife and general manager of the hotel where Nico works, is used to being in charge and making sure that everything she says is done. Juve has no character, no say and no vote, for which he feels despised and often just another piece of furniture. Gabriela and Juve have two children: Samuel, who copes with the typical problems of adolescence, and Gustavito, who loves video games and lives in his fantasy world. To complement the picture we have the priest, Domingo García, Ursula's son, who has a secret that makes him "move his shoulders" and that he keeps with great guilt.

Antonio Paz and Cristina Contreras are the parents of Camila, Alexa and Sofi, who over time have gotten into debt for having a lifestyle that is hard to sustain. This pressure causes a heart attack in Antonio that makes them lose their lives in a car accident. Nico receives the terrible news that his sister Cristina and her husband have died, leaving their three daughters orphaned, Camila 17 years old, Alexa 14 years old and Sofia 8 years old. Nico, being the only direct and close relative, will have to take care of them, becoming overnight Single with daughters.

Nico's life changes radically, his nieces come to live in his bachelor loft, and he begins to deal with their different personalities. Camila is the most responsible; she is concerned about the environment and is willing to do anything to achieve her dreams. Alexa, who is in those tweenage years, is out of place, believing that social media is the best thing in life. Sofia, the youngest, who suffers a lot for not being able to write and read well because of dyslexia, but the love of her family will empower her to move forward.

Captain Efrain Robles is Victoria's father. A man who has a military discipline, conservative and even chauvinistic ideas, but deep down he has a good heart and between jokes, he makes his daughter see that she must and needs to build a family. What will be the secret that the Captain keeps zealously?

Ileana Barrios is a beautiful woman from Acapulco. She is a single mother, dedicated entirely to her son, JuanDi, a young boatman who sells his necklaces all over the beaches of Acapulco. Ileana is Victoria's best friend and confidant. However, Ileana keeps a big secret, as her son's father has been released from jail and is looking for revenge.

Nico and Victoria will have to deal with Masha Simonova, a beautiful Russian who has arrived in Acapulco and once she meets Nico she becomes interested in him knowing he can help her achieve her goals. Masha will also be attracted to Rodrigo Montero, a hotel businessman who, upon reuniting with Victoria Robles, his ex-girlfriend from youth, will try to win her back by becoming Nico's great rival.

Single dad is a family story in the life of our characters. Melodrama and comedy will be the perfect setting for love conflicts, relationship problems, past secrets, class contrasts and the realization of dreams, to lead us to a wonderful adventure in Acapulco bay.



87 x 60'


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