Sinful Barbara


A humorous melodrama about Bárbara, a woman with a frivolous and outrageous personality who - after an absence of sixteen years - is back in the repressed village where she grew up in order to flee from the gangsters and policemen who are hunting her down, after her husband sets a trap that portrays her as a criminal.

In the midst of the tension caused by a past that clashes with her lifestyle, our protagonist causes a stir in the village when she opens a "strip club" for women whose objective is to generate an income for herself and save the family house that her gambling sister has put at risk.

Things get even more complicated when Barbara meets up again with her boyfriend from youth, Jerónimo, who serves as the town's police chief. However, her love for him contrasts with the animosity Jerónimo still feels for her because she disappeared from his life without any explanation sixteen years earlier. Now he is about to marry the woman who was our protagonist's best friend. Little by little, Jerónimo comes to accept that behind the resentment that Bárbara causes him, he also continues to be hopelessly in love with her. When he learns that she is accused to be a criminal, he sees himself in the tense dilemma of giving her up or saving her.

Barbara's family is a beehive of secrets that her arrival in the village threatens to uncover. The mystery about the origins of her daughter, Eli, is at the heart of her departure from the village sixteen years ago, a mystery that involves her sister, Coqui. Anxious to hide this part of her past so as to preserve her daughter's love and avoid harming her sister, Barbara discovers that to do so she must face her worst rival... a woman who is hiding under a nun's robe... her own mother, Matilde.

With the cops after her, the gangsters risking her life, her family disdaining her, and the town enraged by her lack of decency, Barbara relies on the "strip club" to survive no matter what. Thus, she learns to overcome her frivolity, become sensitive with those who reject her and face her life's greatest adventure... love.



50 x 30'


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