Curse By The Sea


A small fishing village called Playa Escondida is the home of Estrella Marina, a rebellious young dreamer who was raised by her Godparents, a humble family of fishermen.  She is the product of a sexual assault on her mother, Casilda who lost her mind when she gave birth and since then wanders the nearby roads aimlessly.

The powerful man in this town is Leon Parra Montiel, a real villain who lives with his daughters, the arrogant Oriana and the gentle Elenita.

Victor Manuel Galindez returns to Playa Escondida after many years of being away. He suffers from a serious depression and plans to spend the rest of his life in his hometown. Oriana sets her sights on him and tries to seduce him, but he only has eyes for Estrellita, who also feels attracted and ends up falling deeply in love with him. But Victor Manuel’s life is not as transparent as hers, and in his past there is a secret that torments him.

Leon Parra Montiel is the richest man in town. He is very proud of his daughter Oriana, who just got her engineering degree. Oriana is not a good person; she is selfish and hateful. Leon wants to build a hotel complex in this town and gives the project to Oriana. But in order to build it, he must first purchase the entire town from Victor Manuel, the real owner of this land. Oriana falls in love with Victor Manuel, but he wants nothing to do with love. Nonetheless, his heart slowly begins to mend when he meets Estrella Marina. The humble girl and the rich heir do not suspect how difficult it will be to find happiness together. Not only will Oriana try to separate them with every trick and lie she can devise, but now her father desires Estrella and wants to have her at any cost. Thus, father and daughter will conspire to drive them apart.

Suddenly, after an evening of a violent storm, a woman is found unconscious on the beach. She seems to have come from the bottom of the sea.  Some people think of her as a  mermaid while others as some sort of a witch. Her name is Coral, a woman Victor Manuel knew and loved in the past, but whom he thought was dead. Victor Manuel is stunned when he finds out she is alive and suffering from amnesia, so he tries to help her get her memory back. Estrellita is overcome by jealousy, but Victor is determined to help Coral, believing he is still in love with her. Leon and Oriana torment Estrella, telling her that the young heir and the strange mermaid are lovers and that they are going to get married. 

Estrella Marina’s heart is shattered and she moves away to the city taking her sick mother with her. There, she meets Hernan, a famous psychiatrist who assures her that he can cure Casilda. Hernan falls in love with Estrellita and she agrees to be his girlfriend, although she cannot forget Victor Manuel, especially when she runs into him in the city. But her anger turns out to be greater than her desire to forgive him.

Coral regains her memory and realizes that she is madly in love with Victor Manuel. The evil woman decides to destroy Estrella’s life. All hope of Estrella and Victor ending up together seems to be fading away. Only the strength of their love can help them find the path to happiness they lost along the way.



164 x 60'



Original Story by: Delia Fiallo - Script: Alberto Gómez, Ma. Antonieta Calú Gutierrez - Co- Adapted by Tere Medina - Year: 2009

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