Rub‎y (Series 2)


Thanks to a scholarship and Cristina’s help (Rubí’s sister) she is able to attend a private university. Cristina works daily and hard to help her mother support their home. At the university, Rubàbefriend Maribel. Maribel is a rich, sweet, down to earth girl who is handicapped in one leg after having a terrible accident. Maribel feels she has found in Rubàsomething more than a friend. She believes to have found a sister and she truly loves her without knowing that Rubí’s affection is poisoned by her envy. When Rubàgets a chance to visit her friend’s mansion, she convinces herself that being rich is the life she really deserves; and she will do anything to attain it.

Maribel is shy due to her physical appearance. She spends hours cruising in the Internet and chatting to a boy named Hector. They become friends and end up dating without even meeting each other. When they finally decide to meet, Hector is shocked by her appearance but then overcomes it and realizes he loves her and asks her to marry him. Maribel happily accepts the proposal.

Hector introduces Rubàto his best friend, a young orthopedist named Alejandro. There is chemistry in the air and a deep love is born between them. Maribel is happy for Rubàbecause she finally falls in love with a rich, handsome doctor that will bring justice to her life and give her everything she has always dreamed of, but Maribel’s happiness fades away when she finds out that Alejandro’s family is not rich.

Rubàhas to decide between marrying the man she loves and her desperate need of being a rich girl even though she realizes she might never find another true love like this one. Sadly, Rubàcalls of the wedding. Alejandro is heartbroken and decides to leave Rubàforever and dedicates himself to his profession. Now Rubàis more determined than ever to get married with a millionaire and is willing to betray even her best friend. Rubàplans to steal Héctor’s love from Maribel.

Rubàgets what she wants; money, jewelry, luxury, etc. buy marrying Hector. She makes her dream come true but learns that vanity, avarice and deceit are terrible sins; and that divine justice is impeccable.



115 x 60'



Original: Yolanda Vargas - Producer: Jose Alberto Castro - Associate Producer: Ernesto Hernandez, Fausto Sainz Castro - Year: 2004

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