RUBI (2020)


Rubi is a gorgeous woman of boundless ambition. Her beauty drives men crazy, but she is only in search of someone to get her out of where she lives, a classic working-class neighbourhood with all the excesses of her social class. Rubàgrew up with Refugio, her mother; Cristina, her older sister; and Fernandita, her niece, in a deprived home. Rubi promises to leave that place where so much misfortune has marked them. She swears she will never breathe again the terrible scent of poverty in her life, no matter what she must do. She is going to make it. Even if her life is gone in it.


Thus, Rubi will begin to use her genius and beauty to climb. She will start with Héctor, her best friend's boyfriend, whom she will convince to leave his fiancée at the altar and escape to Madrid together with her. That same place will be the stage to meet a big man from the world of fashion who will make her the cover of magazines and the image of several well-known brands; and Prince Edward, a member of the Spanish royalty with whom she believes she has finally found her happy ending.


But Rubi's happy ending doesn't exist. Each step she climbs will bring her misfortune. Her ambition will prevent her from revealing her true love, Alejandro, a middle-class doctor who doesn't live up to her expectations of fame and fortune. She will earn all the money in the world, but she will lose the opportunity to live out true love.



26 x 60'


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