Ringo is 35 and retired. He has devoted his life to boxing, but at the summit of his career he loses his national boxing crown to Turco only because just before the fight he receives news of his brother’s death. After his defeat, Ringo decides to quit boxing. At that moment, his wife Gloria leaves him for Turco and moves with him to the United States. Ringo is left to care for his beloved son Santino albeit money is tight. Ringo’s mother Teresa helps him with little Santino. Ringo is hard-working, but steady jobs are hard to come by for a man like him.

Julia the main female character is a young doctor. She enjoys a secure financial position, but as an altruist she helps the disadvantaged providing them medical services from her office in a low-income area of the city.

Time goes by and Gloria returns to the country. She initiates legal action against Ringo to take custody over Santi. One day, when Ringo is on his way to a court hearing, he happens upon Julia who is desperately asking for help to get to a hospital. Her car has broken down and one of her patients is in the middle of an asthma attack. Ringo immediately runs to her aid never giving a second thought to the fact that he could miss his hearing. He drops Julia off at the hospital and barely makes it to court, where he is told that if he wants to keep custody over his son, he must prove he has a steady income.

Ringo finds work as a security guard for none other than Iván Garay, Julia’s boxing promotor and entrepreneur father. Both Julia and Ringo are surprised to meet again and begin to feel attracted to each other. Julia, however, is engaged to Diego who manages Turco.

Ringo decides to return to boxing for two reasons: first, he needs money to fight for his son and to prove to the world and himself that he is not a loser. Second, he wants to regain the position he once held, so Ringo will not give up until he is crowned champion again.

Brenda, Julia’s sister is bipolar and obsessed with Ringo to the point that she makes up having a relationship with him. This results in a seemingly endless chain of problems for Ringo and Julia, who develops increasingly stronger feelings for Ringo. 

Julia’s office is shut down after she sues the owner of a factory that is polluting the neighborhood water supply.  This man tries to get rid of Julia by attacking her in different ways.  Ringo helps her set up a new office in the same neighborhood where he trains at the gym. Their mutual love grows steadily even as it is under siege by Diego, Brenda and Gloria.

Diego is a very skilled businessman and right-hand man to Iván Garay, Julia’s father. Diego collaborates in Ivan’s dirty business and believes his professional and personal future is perfect. Nevertheless, once Ringo appears in his life, Diego will begin to show his darker self.

This is a story about love, fraternity and solidarity in a struggle in which life and love ultimately prevail and Ringo (a born fighter) gives his all to change the course of fate.



82 x 60'



Adrián Suar

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