Rent Freeze 2019


A recently married vegan-hipster couple, Ana (Regina Blandón) and Fernando (Juan Diego Covarrubias) get back from their honeymoon to their new house, rented at a really cheap price. They will be hugely surprised when upon entering the house, they discover it is already occupied by a couple of decadent forty-year-olds, Delia (Paty Manterola) and Federico (Rodrigo Murray), who claim to have signed the same leasing contract. Both couples are right; the old landlord, who suffered from Alzheimer, signed both of their contracts before dying. Legally, they only have two choices: One of the couples leaves the house, or the four of them live together until the contract expires in five years, under a controlled rent.

None of them will accept leaving “their house”, so they must share it. Daily coexistence is hard, even if you truly love your couple, but if you add the pressure of living with other two complete strangers the problems heat up, much the worse when the bathroom is also shared.

War has been declared, each couple will do anything to make the other leave the house. No one is ready to give in, not for a bit. To make things even worse, the vegan-hipster’s will power be weakened and he will be seduced by the flesh, not just the one you eat: bacon, meat tacos, etc., but the one hiding behind Delia’s stretch jeans, his rival’s wife.

Renta Congelada is a refreshing, current sitcom we will all relate to. A constant struggle between two opposite lifestyles that sometimes they win with cleverness and sometimes with cynicism. The house becomes a battlefield, and a living hell too. Whoever manages to survive those five years of “healthy coexistence” gets to keep the house. So, while they are slowly killing each other, we will be cracking up.



13 x 25’

Sitcom , Comedy

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